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Workforce Collaboration Solutions

Take a peek at our MiCollab software for the best new workforce management ideas. Today's unified business technology offers you free flowing communication, regardless of location, infrastructure, mode or device, with tools that are easy to use and less costly to implement and maintain. Look here! more...

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Managed Services

Discover how Managed Services can Grow your Profits and Lower your Costs more...

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Boost Your Mitel 5000 Phone System with UCA To Give Your Business a Shot In the Arm!

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Break down barriers to unified communications with MiVoice solutions from Mitel. Get more done. More ways. For less. Enhance the experience and the effectiveness of “in the moment” communications for your customers and workforce. For more information call us today! CLICK NOW TO VIEW OUR BROCHURE!

Comunication Innovations to Grow Your Business

First Tel solutions reduce your
costs and extend your reach.

Today we live in a busy world that’s exploding with innovative technologies. The latest IP Telephony Solutions can help your business streamline communications, improve productivity and cut costs.

Inspire team performance with our innovative, SIP-compatible Conference & Collaboration Solutions. Make it easier for employees, customers and partners to work together using a variety of devices, whether they are nearby or geographically dispersed, as if they were next to each other. Ask us about the new UC360.

Learn how to maximize the productivity of employees on the move with our Mobility Solutions. Secure access to authorized personnel like executives, salespeople, and service consultants.

Discover how to keep your customers happy for less money with our Contact Center Solutions.

NEW! Free your business from phone tag and open up to a world of choices with Unified Communications. Chat, voice and video puts all the latest IP connectivity choices at your fingertips. You are in control of how, when, and where you want to connect and with whom...whether you're available, too busy, down the hall, or on the go.

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Discover the smart idea of remotely managed IT services.

Managed Services Providers (MSP) simplify IT operations. Reduce high costs and improve response time by using externally administered systems, applications and specialist services.

Our MSPs will provide your organization with reliable uptime and user satisfaction at predictable monthly costs. Access our best of breed IT experts and applications — all without the costly and painstaking need to invest in expensive software, operational backlogs, and perpetual issues with IT legacy systems.

Managed Services provide 24/7 administrative services allowing your IT personnel to focus on strategic initiatives.

Now is the time to take control of your future. Which Managed Services Provider should you consider?

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